Facility Security

We help clients to identify and manage the security risks to their facilities, working with them to develop effective security management plans, and implement security controls with the provision of specialised security personnel.

Our clients look to us for a solution built on customer service, training, technology, support and expertise. We protect clients facility assets, staff, performers, and customers whist maintaining privacy and continuity of service.


Security Risk Assessment

Industrial Safe assists clients to undertake risk assessments of their facilities, to identify and understand the security risks to staff, performers, customers, and facility assets.

We review records and statistics of aggression, violence and crime in the facility and surrounding area. We evaluate organisational policy and strategy, as well as engineering and administrative controls throughout the facility. We review education and training, and survey staff on their perceptions of risk.


Security Management Plan

We work with each client to determine how to most effectively protect their facility. Identifying strengths and weaknesses, we look at reducing aggression, violence, and crime within their facility.

We develop Security Management Plans for clients that address the security risks that have been identified through a formal risk assessment process.

Our Security Management Plans typically address the key areas of: organizational policy and strategy; engineering and administrative control; and, education and training.


Security Personnel

Our security personnel are recruited to meet the unique and demanding requirements of facility management environments, are rigorously screened to meet our high standards in service delivery and care, and hold security qualifications and maintain licenses that meet local regulatory requirements.

We provide our security teams with an in-house training programme, and they are supported by our security management team that have a background in security and emergency management.

Our service delivery reporting capabilities provides clients with details on all security activities.